If your new to investing in the stock market or have some knowledge but want to expand the knowledge The Beginners Guide To Stock Market Investing is for you.

This is the perfect ebook for learning everything you need to know to start investing.  How the stock market works, what the index’s like the “Dow” and “S&P 500″ represent.

You will learn how to pick stocks that meet your investment risks and returns, buy and sell the stock and where to open a low cost discount brokerage account yourself.

You can make all your trades from your computer at home.  You will never need to call a stockbroker again and pay their high commissions.

This book was a top 10 best seller on Amazon Finance books for almost 2 years and is now available through this website for the first time. You don’t need a Amazon Kindle and you can read this directly from your computer without any additional costs.

Listen to what some customers have said regarding this ebook:

I have purchased several beginner investing books lately and this one really provides an excellent foundation. A lot of questions that I had going in are now answered and I have a perfect reference to revert back to time and time again as I progress and get my feet wet in the industry. If you need a place to start, then this book is beyond perfect for you. It was well worth it.

Shawn P., TX

This book is simple and explains just how it is. The knowledge the author has on stocks reveals the way to properly invest. It describes which problems you may encounter with stock and highlights the potential rewards. I felt that if I had a clearer understanding of how stock works then I would have an upper hand over investors. This book serves to give you that edge but in doing so, tells it in a straightforward fashion.

K. Hedges

Don’t let a few dollars stop you from investing in the stock market and potentially making a great return on your money.  The book is only $10 and can be purchased with any credit card or paypal account below.

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